Final Ceremony XXII edition of the Promotional Competition AGRO POLAND

13 September 2015 r. in Rzeszów City Hall took place Final Ceremony XXII edition of the Promotional Competition AGRO POLAND. As part of the XXII editions ceremony, there was the award of the contest and the Special Award – statuette of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, one of the Laureates AGRO POLAND distinctive achievements market in the agri-food sector. This year this prestigious honor awarded Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Ryki.

Final ceremony was accompanied by a promotional event called. “Świętomięs Polski” (12-13 September 2015. Market Square, Rzeszów). This is a recurring event held every September in a city in the country. In 2015, the place of his organization was chosen Rzeszów. “Świętomięs Polski” is a festival of meat, combined with culinary demonstrations, numerous tastings, educational presentations and meetings with representatives of science, sports and artistic activities. The addressee of the event are not only professionals who are professionally involved with the environment processors, delicatessen butchers, breeders and nutritionists and caterers – but most of all – in the context of popularizing the idea – as the so-called ordinary consumers – residents of large urban agglomerations. We are convinced that this event, which was attended by several thousand people contributed to the promotion of competition AGRO POLAND and its laureates.