MTR Rzeszów International Fair for many years successfully leading promotional events and exhibitions. The nature of this activity creates perfect conditions for the promotion of the National Competition Promotion “AGRO POLSKA”. Organizer rank and the fact that its activity is known in Poland and abroad (exhibitors and foreign partners from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine) allows for quick access to advertising products to a wide audience.
MTR successfully organizes trade fairs in various industries, among others, construction, education, wedding. The largest exhibition event organized by the MTR, the spring edition of “Podkarpackie Construction Fair, Interior Design and Garden EXPO DOM”, which is known to be the biggest events of this industry in Poland, and in the opinion of the exhibitors is considered the best exhibition event.
The annual trade fair organized by the MTR and partners includes over 1,200 companies from home and abroad, and the number of visitors reaches over 80,000.

Range of activities:

I. Promotional Events Organization

Emblem AGRO POLSKA – a prestigious symbol of being an effective tool for the economic promotion, strengthening market position and a positive image of the products. Products marked with this emblem are synonymous with quality and successfully compete with foreign products of the same kind obtaining the opinion of healthy, organic and high nutritional values.

Emblem AGRO POLAND-EURO QUALITY – It is awarded to companies producing high-quality products meant for export.

Godło ECO AGRO POLAND – It is awarded to winners of the competition with has ecology certification.

In the last two cases, companies are simultaneously entitled to use the trademark promotional AGRO POLSKA.

 II. The organization Fair and Exhibition Industry