About contest

Polish national food industry competition AGRO POLAND.

This is a contest for the best Polish products of the agricultural sector and food processing industry. Its subject is a prestigious award emblem AGRO POLAND, AGRO POLAND EURO-QUALITY and ECO AGRO POLAND – a symbol of the highest quality products.

The aim of the contest is to promote high-quality food products based on Polish recipes, technologies, and domestic materials. Promotion of products beautifully packaged with outstanding values quality, health, and taste. The aim is also to widespread efforts to create a positive image of Polish products, increase consumer interest and to facilitate the selection of the best quality, creating a kind of local products patriotism. This is an important element for the promotion of Polish companies, especially regional and local producers.

In connection with the Polish accession to the European Union, Contest AGRO POLAND is open to companies from the Member States of the Community and to all entrepreneurs that meet the requirements of the Rules of Competition. This project also aims to promote entrepreneurs and their best products in many European countries, a promotional emblem AGRO POLAND, AGRO POLAND EURO-QUALITY and ECO AGRO POLAND may appear on the packaging of products available in the European Union. It helps to build a positive image of Polish entrepreneurs in food industry abroad.

In 2009, for the first time in the competition they have also been subjected to verification of organic products certified, and the winners of this category were awarded mark ECO AGRO POLAND.

It is worth noting that the evaluation of applications is done by impartial expert committee, consisting of experts in the food industry, which provides a comprehensive, thorough analysis of the submitted products, and thus judging in the AGRO POLAND contest at the highest level.

Winners of the contest receive prizes, including a statuette and a diploma and the right of marking highlighted product or group of products with the promotional emblem for a period of one year under license organizer, with a possible extension of these rights for the next period. Awards ceremony includes the presentation of contestants offers along with tasting foods and brand promotion.

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